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Our core philosophy is that beautiful healthy skin is achievable at any age with consciously selected beauty products. Samara Skincare intentionally selects the finest holistic skincare products with advanced cosmeceutical properties. Nurture and feed your skin with bio-active botanical ingredient that restore health, vitality and luminosity to skin without introducing any toxic or irritating compounds used in many traditionally beauty products.

We proudly offer cruelty free products that are formulated without artificial color/fragrance, chemical preservatives, and petroleum by-products. Our hand-crafted skincare is made in Aliso Viejo, California by Reiki Natural (Maria Quezada Hernandez) and locally in Seattle by Spirit of Beauty (Martha Buldain).

Green practices include ...

...conserving and respecting the Earth’s resources everyday
...sourcing sustainable and local products
...limiting the use of plastics
...using biodegradable products and recycling
...powering our website by 100% wind energy

We encourage our Guests to pause and reset the personal inner compass with intention to align heart wisdom, ways of healing, and expanded consciousness. In this way balance and beauty are restored, cycling between the individual and Earth, allowing us all to flourish.


An enchanting service that consistently inspires and celebrates authentic natural beauty, develops a healthy mindful lifestyle, and creates a first rate experience both at home and during professional treatments for you, our Guest.

Samara Skincare accomplishes this mission by...

  • Reminding our Guests that to pause, slow down, relax and nurture themselves is for the greater good of their health and well-being.
  • Offering uplifting personal care advice while providing innovative therapeutic treatments in a tranquil healing environment to support longevity.
  • Bringing our Guests the finest sustainable eco-friendly and/or organic products that are nutritive and luxurious handcrafted lines formulated to feed the skin without compromising health or beauty.
  • Creating a space that brings joy through nurturing the individual within the greater community.
  • Enhancing our Guest’s health and happiness with an energetic healing practice, which offers world wisdom to harmonize the body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • Giving our Guests impeccable service and affordable results-oriented treatments, to create meaningful, lasting relationships.

Skin is the body's largest organ; it weights 9-11 pounds. Barrier protection, temperature control, and elimination are the principal functions of skin. A seldom known fact about skin is that it breaths and absorbs substances topically applied. Because of this we strive to use only bio-active skincare lines derived from natural and organic sources. Our non-toxic approach to skincare ingredients applies to both body and earth.

Vision for the Future

In the future, Samara Skincare envisions evolving into an asclepeion style Healing Temple that celebrates the divine feminine - a place honor, integrity and virtue. Hathor the Egyptian goddess of beauty, music, and dance presides over the Temple. This modern sanctuary is a destination where pilgrims come to be transformed by bodywork, hydrotherapy, yoga, personal/group therapy and pure healthy diets in a beautiful, natural setting while embarking on a journey of spiritual awakening and healing.

This envisioned retreat center and surrounding land with mineral springs is held as a cooperative trust in safe keeping for world heritage. The Healing Temple exudes an extraordinary quality of peace and tranquility creating miracles in health and wellness. The property includes accommodations for staff and guests. The expertise of many healers from all the worlds’ traditions are represented and practiced. Its applications extend far beyond the retreat setting into the world of business, education, politics, spirituality, and family life - every other area where you wish to be more effective, vital, and creative.

May the lotus feet of the great masters continuously walk upon the earth.
May all beings be filled with grace, joy, abundance and bliss.